Pam’s mission is to help people build wealth through real estate. Pam has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell homes while keeping a close eye on the bottom line on their behalf. Her desire is to protect the consumer’s interest above all else.

Born and raised on a large farm in the mid-west, Pam learned at an early age how to work hard AND smart. Pam has complete dedication to her clients and her clients know her as a fierce negotiator, always striving for the best price and terms for her clients.

Pam has years of experience helping both sellers and buyers, and continues to home her skills with the best industry education available. Pam doesn’t just sell real estate, she believes strongly in real estate as the avenue to wealth. Pam owns and manages multiple real estate investment properties, engages in fix’n and flip’n hold strategies and continues to add to her portfolio. Pam has serves on the Government Affairs Committee for the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, as well as the Jefferson County Transportation Committee and the Wheat Ridge Planning Commission.

Pam was also a professional poker dealer for years prior to becoming a real estate professional. It was during this time that Pam began buying properties, investing in rental properties, and rehabbing properties.